Question by  sooz (644)

Where is the best place to buy lace?

I that fabric stores carry some, but is there a store somewhere that specializes in lace?


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

The best place to buy lace would be online at a fabric website. This is a good option since most fabric stores do not always have exactly what you want.


Answer by  Gladys (6)

A fabric store named Fabric Place has a beautifil selection of lace. They may be online now. Doing a Google search would be the best solution to find great lace.


Answer by  Alison4533 (6)

Fabric stores really are one of the best places to buy lace, but you can also try places like bridal fabric stores, craft stores, and discount stores with fabric departments. There are some online stores that specialize in trim, so Google for Lace or Trim to find one of those.


Answer by  seedtosalad (175)

Wedding related craft and sewing companies generally have the largest selection.If you need a huge quantity it may be worthwhile looking up a lace wholesaler, preferably in your area. If you cannot visit in person make sure you request samples before placing an order.

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