Question by  swizlstk65 (33)

Where is the best place to buy a trail tent?

Are the tents at such places as Wal-Mart just as good?


Answer by  mem4dr (1378)

Sometimes the quality at Wal-Mart is on par with that of specialty camping stores. However, specialized stores, although more expensive, also provide more service; for example, the staff at a specialty store is usually very familiar with camping equipment and supplies whereas an employee at Wal-Mart would not be able to give you much guidance regarding which tent to purchase.


Answer by  JasonHadley (245)

I prefer purchasing tents from a sporting goods store such as Sports Academy or Bass Pro Shops. The quality of tents at Wal-Mart is pretty good, but the selection at these other stores is much greater, and you have a better chance to find something that meets your specific needs.


Answer by  Bob3345 (19)

When buying a tent, what is more important than where you buy it, is what brand you are buying. A high quality tent can be purchased at sporting goods stores, discount stores, or outdoor stores. I recommend that you research some brands and then see what you can find.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Amazon has a greater-selection of backpacking or trail-tents than Wal-Mart; back-country/high-end outfitters have even better-ones (lighter/modern-high-tech-materials/more-compact/more-expensive). Select one based on your trail-conditions (cold-hot/ground-soil/water/wind/...) Woodsmen often use only flys/tarps and limbs-sticks/quality-rope.

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