Question by  heartkiller (7)

Where is the best place for me to locate a 1991 VW?

I want to buy one for my wife.


Answer by  Karthon (403)

If it's any early 90s VW, you can try calling around 2nd hand dealerships. For a specific year and model, making a request on Craigslist might be more fruitful.


Answer by  aaa23 (15)

There are many different ways to search for a used car, your best bet is going to be the web. You should start with local classified site like craigslist. Many of these sites has cars for sale by both dealers and owners. And there will be many different 91 vws you will be able to browse without leaving home


Answer by  jon40 (440)

I think the best way to find your wife a 91 vw would be to use craigslist, or sites like craigslist. Its free to use and everyone knows about it and it changes everyday. You could also try autotrader website


Answer by  RebeccaBargar (288)

The best place to check would be the Auto Trader website. You can search for any make/model of car in the entire United States.

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