Question by  charliep515 (22)

Where is Rosalind Island located in the Caribbean?

I have heard it is a beautiful place to visit.


Answer by  stylee300 (17)

Rosalind Island is one of the southern-most islands of the Caribbean islands. It is a little off the south-east corner of St. Lucia in the Caribbean Sea just on the border of the Atlantic Ocean. Rosalind Island is only about 230 square miles in area so it can be easy to miss.


Answer by  janna (31)

I don't if there are two Rosalind Islands but I do know that there is a place called Rosalind Island near West Palm Beach, Florida. Its one of the safest communities and is very beautiful. Its near West Palm Beach Airport.


Answer by  travelfreak (10)

Rosalind Island, aka Dominican Republic, is located in the Caribbean. It shares the land mass with Haiti. Rosalind Island is 2/3 of the island and Haiti is west of it. It's between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The weather is great so pack the suit and umbrella but avoid going June to October.


Answer by  JeanSimon (6)

To a place that we call, paradize. In the heaven of the cristal blue see and the coconuts valleys, under the red shinnig sun

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