Question by  pixelkitty (14)

Where did the Boston tea party take place?

What was the exact location of the Boston Tea party?


Answer by  baluga (147)

It took place in the Boston Harbor at Griffin's Wharf. There is uncertainty to where this exact location is on the harbor in contemporary Boston. However, some modern studies have concluded that it was near what was later called Liverpool Wharf, which is near the base of present-day Pearl Street. It is still up dor debate.


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

It was held at the Old South Meeting House in Boston, because it was the biggest meeting place and the party included 5,000 individuals. This meeting house was just close to Griffin's Wharf, which is where the three tea ships - Eleanor, Dartmouth and Beaver - were docked.


Answer by  Anonymous

Closer to "T" wharf...Boston.

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