Question by  nikole740 (83)

Where is the 3G AT&T sim card?

I can't find my sim card in the 3g iphone.


Answer by  rdevault (24)

it is located between your power button and headphone jack use a paper clip insert it into the little hole then firmly push down until the slot pops up the sim card is removeable from tray


Answer by  Justin81 (21)

Between the headphone jack an hold button on the top is a little panel. It's underneath it. I use a paperclip to get it open normally. Just put it in the little hole on the panel and pry it out.


Answer by  Melissa16 (6)

On the top of the iPhone next to the headphone jack there is a flat, but long shaped indention. The SIM card is in that slot. You will need to pop it out.


Answer by  lumofny (16)

It is located in the battery compartment. Remove the cover and you will see the sim card slot.

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