Question by  sean83 (1)

Can I use an old AT&T phone as a GoPhone, or do I need a new sim card?

I used to have an account with AT&T. I want to use my new GoPhone sim card with it.


Answer by  paohky1966 (86)

Yes this is what I like about AT&T. As long as you have a Sim card you can switch out your current phone with any other AT&T phone.


Answer by  Chelsey (201)

You can't use the sim card you had with your ATT phone while it was on a contract, but you can use your prepaid gophone sim card in it.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

Yes, this can be done and it is quite commonly done by a lot of people. They just buy the new phone and keep using the old SIM card with it.


Answer by  taken (1)

what if i find a at&t phone but it want let me in so its says puf code if i get a new sims card would that work and if so could i just get any kind of sims card.

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