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Question by  captain715 (25)

Where is a crankshaft position sensor on a Ford Explorer?

I need to check the sensor to see if it has gone bad.


Answer by  kissamedeadly (133)

Depending on the year of the vehicle in question, the crankshaft position sensor is most likely to be located behind the water pump on the top of the vehicles engine.


Answer by  giselleflores (112)

I believe it is underneath the hood. Behind the water pump in the front part of the engine. Be careful looking for it, it can be a tad bit dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. But then again I shouldn't be talking should I? I'm not an expert.


Answer by  Kyte (38)

It is usually on the front of the engine next to the flywheel. It is commonly used in place of the distributor on the left hand valve cover. Some signs of it going bad can be rough idle and and RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) spikes for a few seconds at ignition.


Answer by  shrisabi (12)

The Crankshaftposition sensor will be located next to the flywheel, which is at the left side passenger posiion. Otherwise you can look from the front which is on the left hand side

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