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Question by  jimmy31 (89)

Where do you get the Super Rod on Pokemon Diamond?


Answer by  dda (164)

On Pokemon Diamond the super rod is given to you by a fisherman on route 225, but only after beating the Elite 4 and getting the national pokedex.


Answer by  Scarecrow (108)

The Super Rod can be found, after defeating the Elite Four, in the Fight Area (Route 225) by talking to a fisherman and telling him you like to fish.


Answer by  Jonnyboy92345 (182)

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Answer by  jessgirl2 (319)

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the Super Rod can only be obtained after defeating the Elite Four and obtaining the National Dex. Go to Route 225 in the Fight Area and talking to the fisherman by the northwest guard house. Answer his question with "yes" and he will give you the Super Rod.


Answer by  Mandy13 (20)

After beating the Elite Four and acquiring the National Dex, go to route 225 (just outside the Fight Area). There will be a fisherman there, and he will give you the super rod.


Answer by  ArchdukeSpoons (64)

You don't get the Super Rod until after you beat the Elite Four. After that you can get the National Dex and take a ferry from Snowpoint City to a place called the Fight Area. A fisherman there will give you the rod.


Answer by  biggins27 (16)

Right after you beat the elite four, you go to fight area. Talk to the fisherman by the north-west exit (not by the water), and answer yes to his question.

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