Question by  worker7254 (11)

How do you get Scizor in Pokemon Diamond?


Answer by  Arrohmei (26)

You must have 2 gameboy colors and any two pokemon games, Crystal Ruby or Saphire. You will need to catch a Scyther in the safari zone. once captured give Scyther a metal coat to hold, and trade him to the other gameboy, he will evolve once traded.


Answer by  Deem (199)

To get Scizor in Pokemon Diamond, you have to get a metal coat and a scyther. Then trade the scyther with the metal coat in order to get the scizor.


Answer by  k80 (125)

Catch a Scyther on Route 229 (this is after you beat the Elite Four) and trade it while it's holding a Metal Coat. You can get that on Iron Island.

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