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Question by  Pandi (22)

Where do you get larvitar in pokemon fire red?

I can not find larvitar in pokemon fire red.


Answer by  Wheeljack (127)

-Get a rainbow pass -Go to island 7 -Go to SEVAULT CANYON -u should find a larvitar i advise u catch it whith a ultra ball


Answer by  Cthulhu (9)

There are several ways to acquire a Larvitar in that game. The simplest method involves traveling to the Sevault Canyon area in the south part of Seven Island and searching in the grass. The Larvitar is 5% probability find so be patient.


Answer by  jessgirl2 (319)

First, you'll need to get the Rainbow Pass from Celio on the first island. After you have the pass, go to Sevault Canyon on island 7 to catch a larvitar.


Answer by  ArchdukeSpoons (64)

Larvitar is located in the Sevault Canyon on Seven Island in both games. He's really rare, so you'll have to walk around in the grass quite a bit before you actually find one, and that's all you can really do. Just don't give up and you'll get one at some point.


Answer by  heatherjrock (38)

Seavault Canyon on Island 7. They're pretty rare, only a 5% chance of catching it, so you can either do that or trade someone for it.


Answer by  Ravyn (114)

Lartivar can be found in the Sevault Canyon on Island 7. Lartivar is a 5 percent catch. You can get him with an Ultra Ball.


Answer by  skdo (113)

Larvitar can only be found in Seavault Canyon in FireRed and LeafGreen, and it is a rare appearance. Have patience, make sure you are prepared so you do not miss it when you find one, as it is a little bit difficult to catch. Luckily, however, it does not have any moves that will give you much trouble.


Answer by  JDX (133)

You will find Larvitar in Seavault Canyon though it takes a long time since it rarely appears. First you must defeat the Elite Four and obtain the national pokedex; that will unlock the rainbow pass and go to the south part of Seven Island where you will find Seavault Canyon.


Answer by  Anonymous

yes just caught one there

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