Question by  JoshuaPugh (13)

Where do you find things to make drums?

I think this would be a good craft project for my class.


Answer by  Bill777 (65)

You can make drums from coffee cans, cardboard boxes (thin cardboard, not corrugated), flower pots, large plastic bottles and economy-sized jars. The drum heads are a little tougher, since you want something that can take some tension. Coffee cans and plastic bottles were always my favorite, though.


Answer by  nerd56 (128)

depends what kind of drum you want to make. I remember making native american drums with a type of sinew top. try craft stores


Answer by  nursepractitionerlisa (793)

You could look on Ebay. you could check with a craft supply or music instruments store. You could ask at a local Indian reservation. You could use alternate materials if the desired ones are not there.

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