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Question by  arrakaij (24)

How can I find lost items?

What strategies do you use to find things that you have lost?


Answer by  JB88 (15)

When searching for something you've lost, try to remember the last place where you know you had the item, and carefully re-trace your steps and movements from there. Pay careful attention to nearby areas where the item may have bounced, rolled, or blown that may be out of direct sight. If you don't find it, put up LOST posters in the general area, including a picture and offering a reward if possible. You can also use online bulletin boards that have a lost-and-found section, and don't forget to check with the police, in case some good neighbor already found and turned it in. Good luck!


Answer by  Betty0320 (734)

I usually try to back track my steps, or think back to where I saw the item last. Usually, I can remember setting my keys down on a table to answer the phone, for example, & later, throwing the mail on top, which is why i couldn't find them.


Answer by  doggyhouz (75)

My strategies of finding a lost item would be cleaning the area as the first attempt to find the lost item. Now if that fails and I'm sure of the items general locations I might move everything out the room and hope to find it.

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