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Question by  sally26 (15)

Where do I find the Internet connection walkthrough on PS2 Slim?


Answer by  rodolfoe307 (34)

the internet connection can be done in three different ways. the first would be direct connect to the plug in the wall. the second would be to place a wireless adapter to the playstation 2. the last way is to get a network adapter for your playstation


Answer by  BigKevinG (59)

you could either find it online or in the PS2 manual that will come with all the playstations it should be in there


Answer by  Alisa (903)

When you put a game in the PS2 that requires or has the option to connect to the internet, you should find the steps on the game menu.


Answer by  yshag (16)

The first would be direct connect to the plug in the wall,second is to place a wireless adapter to the PS2,third way is get a network adapter for your PS.


Answer by  Snichole (195)

I would first try to contact the company to see if they can give you instruction on how to do so, via website or phone. My next best advice would be to google connection walkthrough online to see what you can find. Good luck.


Answer by  Uraniborg (9)

Wikihow may be a good place to look. It may also be that youtube has a video on connecting the PS2 to the internet. Of course, if you have the manual, that should have it.


Answer by  ace99reaper (46)

The best thing to do is call Sony and they will walk you through it if anyone knows how to connect a ps2 it would be them best Idea personally


Answer by  apimp87 (3)

It should be listed in the playstation 2 manual. If not you can visit the message boards on playstation website. You should also be able to find a video walkthrough on youtube.

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