Question by  delta55 (36)

Where can you get Georgia income tax forms?

I don't have a printer, so I have to pick them up.


Answer by  DiegosMom (66)

All tax forms are available at your local library. Also if for some reason the library is out of the form you need many libraries have a computer room where you can go online and then print stuff there. Depending on your library you might pay about .10 a page to print there.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

You can either call the state of Georgia and request the forms be mailed to you or go to a place like Kinkos and use their computer to look up the forms on internet and print on their printers. This will require a small fee.


Answer by  jeroboam (185)

If you cannot print online tax forms, you can email a request to the Georgia Department of Revenue's Taxpayer Services Division at or you can phone in a request to (877) 423-6711. Also, Georgia Revenue offices and some of the bigger public libraries have copies of frequently required forms.

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