Question by  CAnderson44 (2)

Where can I take fashion design short courses?

I don't want to spend a lot of time in school.


Answer by  noufi (35)

The "Fashion and Design Centre" in Egypt offers a wide variety of short&long term special courses which allows students to select courses that best suits their needs.Timetable for students are freely arranged depending on their personal requirement.Courses are divided into normal (include 330 total hours and 3 lesson duration hours)and short (include 60 total hours and 3 lesson duration hours)levels.


Answer by  Laurie21 (90)

Many colleges offer hands-on fashion design courses, which will run an average of two years. You may also consider taking an online course which will allow easier access and a potentially shorter amount of time for completion.


Answer by  Deepu (17)

There are many institutions giving short term fashion designing courses its address can be obtained from websites,Also we can study the fashion designing course through the videos it can be downloaded from you tubes and other online facilities.You tube videos are free of cost so that it is the best way to study the fashion designing.


Answer by  sureshm (3)

I will enroll myself in fashion design courses by postal basis. It will save my time, cost and energy. In this manner I can learn more courses at a time.

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