Question by  Joe1010us (239)

Where can I get a user manual for my remote control?

I need to get the codes to program it.


Answer by  wonder47 (123)

I have actually found program codes on the internet to program your remote control. Otherwise, find out the manufacturer and speak to them over the phone; they may be able to send you a copy of thwe user manual, and chances are, may just be able to give you the codes to program your TV remote.


Answer by  lucyb00 (157)

If you've misplaced the remote control finding the manual is easy! Google the model/make of your remote + MANUAL and the product website should pop up with a .pdf!


Answer by  1420 (18)

I suggest that you go to the store where it was purchased. If this isn't enough, then contact the manufacturer directly


Answer by  kalimer0 (35)

You can find the user manual on the internet probably. Just surf to the website of your remote control and search it there.

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