Question by  JKustom (31)

Where can I get a personal loan to pay bills?

I don't have any credit.


Answer by  smartmoney (30)

There are many companies that offer payday loans either by going into their office or even online. However, these loans are extremely expensive, do not help build your credit, and can often lead to a vicious cycle of borrowing, paying off, and borrowing again. Please consider other alternatives first.


Answer by  holly68 (5)

The best loans for people without credit come from friends and family. These loands usually come with awfully good interest rates and repayment terms.


Answer by  nib86 (17)

To get a personal loan when one does not have credit, one has two options. The first is to go to a loan shark and pay exorbitant interest rates. The second option is to go to your mommy or daddy.


Answer by  Marlo (4)

To secure a personal loan without credit, you could go to a loan shark. This is dangerous and may be illegal. Instead, focus on reducing expenses while increasing income. Debt is pure evil.

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