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Question by  wilsonace (129)

Where can I get a format disc for a ps2?


Answer by  MackTurkenheimer (6)

There is actually no such thing as a PS2 Format Disc. Or rather, *all* PS2 discs are in PS2 format. This error is caused by the laser inside your PS2 drive not being able to read the disc correctly. Maybe a fault with the disc, or with the drive itself.


Answer by  FrankFooter (96)

What the Playstation 2 calls a "format disc" is simply a laser lens cleaning disc. Any DVD or CD laser lens cleaner disc should effectively clean the lens. These are available at most electronic retail stores, as well as most department stores with an electronics department.


Answer by  rockdisc (209)

No one sells specially made blank PS2 discs. CDs and DVDs work fine. There are youtube videos that help explain how to burn a ps2 game on a regular CDs or DVDs. But you have to get a mod chip or a boot disk in order for that to work.


Answer by  gagecloutier (5)

PS2 discs are encoded on single layer RW DVDs. These are available at most retailers and have a storage capacity of approximately 7-8GBs to store the data of the game. These discs are common at retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and any other retailer that sells various blank disc formats.


Answer by  bsavage (105)

There is no format disc for the ps2.You get that message when you insert a disc in the ps2 it can't read or is the wrong format for the system.


Answer by  Tudor (98)

Online shops are one of the best places to search for these format disc , because there are small chances of finding them at a local store. I suggest searching on amazon or e bay. You will surely find it there at a very good price


Answer by  RatBrain (19)

Ask any employee at a local gamestop,bestbuy (media dept) or any place that you pay to play at video games at, and ask who and where to get a mod chip for a ps2.


Answer by  MoogieB (13)

A format disc is what cleans the lenses. You can pick one up at Radioshack or WalMart for about $15.

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