Question by  ness (45)

Where can I find reputable serval breeders?


Answer by  JaydeesLaydee (523)

There is a website called , and you can also look in your local Yellow Pages, or consult a magazine like Cat Fancy, or even look up a Serval Breeder's Association.


Answer by  BBB16 (71)

My veterinarian carries "Cat Fancy" magazine in the waiting room. The back pages have breeders who specialize in exotic breeds, are certified and who ship nationwide. Look there!


Answer by  Anders84 (12)

Do your research. Find internet forums dealing with servals, people will recommend or criticize breeders they may have had experience with. Also try asking vets or other owners you know.


Answer by  uncleal (81)

Go on line and do some research. There are also feline societies that keep lists of reputable breeders. Check with local SPCA (also in the phone book) and also any feline rescue organizations, which will tell you which breeders to stay away from. Talk to the animal control people in your town.


Answer by  WeepingAngel (74)

There are several different ways to find reeputable breeders.The best is to check in Cat Fancy magazine,where there are several breeders listed.Also,Animal Planet has a program online known as Petfinder that has cats that are available for adoption from rescues or breeders.It's best to do research on any breeder you find or ask around,to be sure they are reputable.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Ask vet offices, groomers, and people who currently have that kind of cat to get recommendations. Also ask the breeder for contact information for previous buyers.

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