Question by  bthshubby (15)

Where can I find plans to build a round picnic table with four benches?

I don't have space on my patio for the traditional long design.


Answer by  DickieW (17)

You may be able to find plans on the internet. Join a carpentry forum and connect with carpenters. Try and discuss with them the your situation, and possibly give them the dimensions of the space you have to fit the table in. You could also speak with a local carpenter.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

Almost any woodworking supply store should have the plans you are looking for. Try Eagle America, they have a lot of plans. Another source is Rockler wood working supply they also sale detailed plans.


Answer by  jen72 (5)

You need to go to a place like Home Depot or Hobby Lobby to find ideas for your round picnic table.


Answer by  AnnaTeague (806)

Your local building supply store would very likely have plans. Lowe's or Home Depot may also have workshops or video presentations on how to build one. If you are not very handy with a saw or don't have one, there are also "kits" available with hardware and precut lumber.

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