Question by  Nimi (31)

Where can I find in-line skates for small kids?

I only see adult sizes in the stores.


Answer by  ralig (78)

I found my kids some inline skates at Academy. You could try other Outdoor or Sports stores. Have you found a smaller sports equipment store and asked if they could get them? You could also order them online through the big sports/outdoor stores.


Answer by  jimcro55 (813)

The first place I would probably look would be K-Mart because they might have the best price on these smaller sized in line skates. Other places that I would probably suggest might be Toys R Us, Sports Authority, Modells, and possibly even some toy stores, like K Bee Toys because they have a lot of other kids stuff.


Answer by  syllabus69 (114)

You could go to a toy store that may have children size inline skates. Also shopping online will have a large selection of all sizes and colors and types of skates for you to buy

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