Question by  rstacey (23)

Where can I find employment opportunities for someone that was a convicted felon?

With the convection on his record I am afraid he will not be able to find a job.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Everyone, including felons, must find his own employment. Having a proxy seek employment doesn't look good for anyone, especially someone who is likely to have difficulties.


Answer by  malone (4817)

A convicted felon is just that: a convicted felon. This is no past tense about it. The felon has to find his/her own opportunities, which are far and few between, but out there. It's up to the individual, not you, to track down those opportunities.


Answer by  brandi91 (54)

The best place to start is at your county or state Job and Family Service office. They usually have a list of felony friendly employers. Another good place to look is at the Unemployment office or temporary employment agencies. Not all agencies accept applicants with felonies, so it would be wise to call around first.


Answer by  lylo (129)

Start by looking at small businesses owned by individuals who might take the time to listen to an explanation and not automatically dismiss an application off hand. Churches sometimes have janitorial type positions that can be offered to a person with a criminal past. Good references will be invaluable, and volunteering may be the means to getting them. Construction jobs.


Answer by  barkley (951)

Do an internet search for felon friendly employers in your state, there are a few such as Goodwill Industries. Other jobs such as delvering newspapers or phone books, flight attendant,ticket taker at the movies, construction, waiter, dishwasher, etc. m work. If he has a trade or can offer some type of service he could consider opening his own business.

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