Question by  vickydeutsch (39)

What programs are there for convicted felons to help them get jobs?

My friend is a convicted felon who has served his time and now needs a job.


Answer by  severaltimes (247)

The US Department of Labor operates a system of One-Stop Career Centers within each state. This network, in co-ordination with each state's Department of Labor, provides databases of jobs available to people with otherwise difficult backgrounds. Some court orders may also be available to verify that felons are ready to re-enter the workplace.


Answer by  Nathan37 (12)

There are a variety of programs available, many provided by the government as incentives for employers to take on such employees with felony histories. Some programs include, The Work Opportunity Tax Credit, The Federal Bonding Program, and especially the Workforce Investment Act which is a program to help fund convicted felons wishing to gainfully be employed.


Answer by  Don12 (44)

Many churches have prison ministries. They help former prisoners get jobs, secure living quarters, and offer help to keep them on the right track and out of prison.

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