Question by  tmoneymonsta (24)

Where can I find do it yourself pagodas?

I want a pagoda for my yard.


Answer by  mark96 (7)

Red Setter Garden Sheds offers great do it yourself pagodas made of timber. They are shipped with instructions for easy assembly and the product has a 10-year warranty. Telephone tech support is available.


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

You could try Home Depot. They usually have all those kinds of things. If you buy one there you probably would have to put it together yourself anyway. If they do not have one there you could also try another big store like Lowe's or maybe even Sears. If all else fails try looking online.


Answer by  Mich73 (10)

Any home improvement store can lead you in the correct direction. Also the DIY channel has many different shows related to do it yourself for the yard.


Answer by  mb (5482)

I don't think that you will find a actual pagoda kit but you could easilly convert a wooden shed to a pseudo pagoda by creating a false front pagoda with a scroll saw.

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