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Question by  Dhinakaran (22)

Where can I find cheats for Dynasty Warriors 4 for xbox?


Answer by  BBBrian (282)

Usually if you're looking for cheats, the best place is online. You can also see if they have any strategy guides available and you're sure to find cheats and codes for it in there. Also you can subscribe to some game magazines that offer tips and tricks for your favorite games.


Answer by  RTaken (31)

Some game store sites such as games stop sale old games for old systems, but if you are unable to find a game store sites that is selling the game you are looking for you may be able to go to ebay and search for the game there. Also may have the game you are looking for.


Answer by  jodell443 (79)

The best place to get cheats for any video game is gamefaqs or gamespot. You can also google search as long as you put in enough specifics.


Answer by  arcadefan (75)

Gamespot or should have what you are looking for. Usually if you search for walkthrough, or Game FAQ that will do the trick. Just type those into google and you should be all set. Hope it help!


Answer by  Zrafidi (28)

You can find cheats for Dynasty Warriors 4 for xbox at cheatcc. There are also most likely cheats at gamespot, ign, 1up, and aany of the other video game fan sites.

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