Question by  radhakrishna (2)

Where can you find a locket that plays music?

I want to find one as a gift to someone who loves music.


Answer by  mturkuser (216)

Aside from doing a quick google search I am sure you can find a few high quality, moderately priced ones online at . If not there I would check ebay, as they are sure to have used and new ones at various price ranges. Finally check pawn shops for lockets.


Answer by  Brosdale (5)

The best place to begin looking for a musical locket would be eBay or Craig's List. These websites carry items of almost any type and are certain to have products that require several specifications.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

If you search the internet, you may find one. They are very expensive and hard to come by. Try amazon or ebay, these sites will most likely have them for sale. You may have to pay a lot for one that can have a battery changed if it stops working or dies.

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