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Question by  achoo (7)

Where can I buy cheap Converse shoes?

I can't afford the full price.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

Try Payless, there's usually sales like buy one get one free, or 20% off shoes if they haven't been selling. I also found places like Target, or walmart sometimes has really good discounts on them, or have shoes that are very similar if you really can't find a good deal on the actual brand.


Answer by  shoemom (11)

Converse shoes can be found in many retail stores but to get the lowest retail price the best place to shop is an outlet mall. Outlet malls are scattered across the country and usually within a short driving distance.


Answer by  ChieBringino (149)

Getting cheap Converse shoes nowadays are a bit varied since there are alot of stores that usually put up 10-20% off on newer models that are originals, however if you are still interested with getting Chuck Taylors at a cheap price there are always online resellers which give out bargains.


Answer by  usmc96gt (323)

Your best choice would be a local good will or salvation army. Another option is to check out local flea markets or garage sales.


Answer by  Silvia (182)

The best place to look, in my opinion, is on eBay. If you can not find them there then go to a mall and look for good sales.

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