Question by  uniqueusername (18)

Where are the Altun Ha Mayan ruins located?


Answer by  MentatJones (21)

The Altun Ha Ruins are located in Belize, approximately 30mi north of Belize City and approximately 6 miles inland from the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The history surrounding the ruins is mostly lost however it is known that the Altun Ha Ruins are of Mayan origin, having been built around 200 BC in the Mind Classical period.


Answer by  krisvy (12)

Altun Ha, name of the ruins of an ancient Maya City. It's located at Belize District 50 kilometers north of Belize City and 10 kilometers west of the Caribbean Sea.


Answer by  Flavia (102)

The Altun Ha Mayan ruins are located in the Belize District about 50 km north of Belize City in Central America.


Answer by  JelenaMandic (64)

Altun Ha is located about 50 miles north of Belize City and 10 kilometers from the coast of the Caribbean.


Answer by  slavetheo (20)

Altun Ha Mayan ruins this is the ancient maya city. it's about 50 km north from belize city and 10 km west from the caribbean sea. it's i think more than 8 km square shape and 16 meters high pyramids so i think you won't miss it if ever visiting it

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