Question by  ouprobablylackthedisciplinetosti (64)

Where are good places to meet people?

I cannot find any decent dates!


Answer by  KAS (393)

Some good places to meet people are grocery stores, book stores, gyms, libraries, charity events and museums. People who are sociable, intelligent and cultured frequent all of these places regularly. Don't be shy about striking up a friendly conversation, but don't be too forward. Ask a question, or offer assistance to a person who interests you. Good luck!


Answer by  RM49 (274)

In my experience, the supermarket is the absolute best place to meet guys (or girls). If you're a girl, go to the frozen food section. All the guys that don't have a lady friend will be there buying TV dinners! If you're a guy, just go to the fruit section. I know that's where I spend most of my time!


Answer by  Kimberly (253)

A great place to meet people is at a Laundry Mat and grocery stores. Reason I say this is single people have to shop and do laundry to.


Answer by  Jo3355 (575)

The trick to meeting people you would like to date is to do things that you enjoy, volunteer for things that bring you pleasure and just forget about trying to find anyone. Enjoy yourself and someone will be attracted to you because you are happy and easy to talk to and you will have something in common.

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