Question by  cagurl (8)

Where are good places to come with hot ideas?

I read that people can be more productive and creative in certain environments. I need to find somewhere stimulating to do my thinking and come up with successful ideas.


Answer by  HeidiW (371)

When it comes to being creative, my inspiration comes in one of my favourite spots, the roof top. Of course it's different for everyone, because you really have to feel good there , should be a place that calms you and gives you confidence. And how can you not be confident when you look down and everyone seems so insignificant.


Answer by  padmanand (44)

There are no Special places where you can get new ideas.New ideas are imaginative so when you sleep you can think of the context where you want new ideas. in case of business think of a business which you like most and you feel very innovative and sleep off!


Answer by  jude11 (499)

Some places that may be helpful to you are places where there is a lot of activity. I suggest either a coffee shop or a outdoor park. Either of those places should help.


Answer by  Yekrats (21)

Your best environment is what works for you. I get up early mornings to write, when I'm alone. Also, some pretty good ideas come to me in the shower! ;-)

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