Question by  vlhunter (24)

Where are boysenberries grown?

I see products made with them but have never seen the berries offered anywhere.


Answer by  steveoh (9)

boysenberries artificial cross of a blackberry, loganberry and raspberry therefore they do not occure naturally in the wild. Also they are extremely unstable once they are off of the vine, so u only have one or two days to use them once there picked.


Answer by  HyperSwain (10)

boysenberries were first grown in Buena Park in southern California in the early 30's. It is related to the north American blackberry with a taste somewhat reminiscent of a raspberry but with a more tart undertone especially when not ripe. they are a cross between a raspberry, loganberry and blackberry.


Answer by  arpeggios (11)

Boysenberries are mostly grown in California. Boysenberries are a cross between a raspberries, blackberries, and/or loganberries. It is a large (8.0g) compound fruit, with large seeds and a deep maroon color.


Answer by  Baobao (1273)

Originally they were grown on Rudolph Boysen's farm in northern california,afterwards Walter Knott transplanted vines to his farm in Buena Park and cultivated them,soon these berries became very famous

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