Question by  nhladyslipperfree (42)

What is the best way to get over my soul mate?

I thought we would be together forever - he really is my soul mate but he dumped me, help.


Answer by  lynn (821)

he is probably not truly your soulmate if he dumped you. take some time to do things you like to do and spend time with your friends. figure out what you really want in a partner and dont settle for any less.


Answer by  CDix (64)

The best way to get over your soul mate is to give it time. It will not happen over night. Try to keep your distance from them for a month or so after the break up. Keeping distance and keeping busy will help you heal.


Answer by  scyllatwo (226)

Well, forget about any type of the "closure" so many people talk about. Ain't going to happen. It is just going to take time. Time heals.

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