Question by  maalti (34)

When you are treated for rocky mountain spotted fever, are you cured forever?


Answer by  Kerrelyn295 (59)

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is treated with a course of Doxycycline antibiotics. The medication must be taken for the full course in order to be effective. If the patient does what the doctor recommends all signs and symptoms will dissipate and they will be effectively cured.


Answer by  JoeyT (78)

According to an infectious disease specialist once you are treated for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever you are cured. This does not mean you could not get the disease again it just means that it is not a disease that stays with you and has recurring symptoms.


Answer by  RisingSunny (55)

Well as long as you were treated early on the treatment will get rid of it. I do have a friend who had it and didn't know it. She got very sick and now has problems relating to having had RMSF but the disease itself is gone. Get Treatment!

Reply by HemmedIn3 (30):
I heard somewhere that if someone wasn't treated early enough added an I. V. Vitamin C treatment that it would get rid of everything.  add a comment
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