Question by  Momof2scouts (11)

When using peat pots how do you start seedlings?

I want to start growing plants and flowers using peat pots.


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

Just like with plastic, EXCEPT: peat pots evaporate and absorb a lot of water. This means that when you plant your seedling in the ground, remove the edge of the peat pot; it can wick valuable water out of the soil. Also, you can keep your seedlings in a tray without drainage, and water them from the bottom.


Answer by  mapsbn (25)

When using peat pots you usually start by adding a little soil to fill the pot, once the roots start sprouting and the weather is permitting you replant them in the location of your choice, peat pots holds the water, so make sure you do not over water. If you use the pellets no dirt is required, just add seeds.


Answer by  1cinbrew (31)

Using peat pots is a great way to start seedlings. Start by soaking the pots in lukewarm water to slightly moisten (not wet). Next, fill pots with potting soil, put seed in; pushing slightly into the soil and recover top. Keep moist until seedling begins to appear at which point, plant the pot ensuring that the top of is covered.


Answer by  sabozeka (611)

It is quite easy to plant seedlings in peat pots. Just add a commerical soil mix to the pot and according to package directions plant your seed the appropriate depth.Place your pots in plastic trays and water.


Answer by  gardener (176)

Peat pots are used the same way plastic pots are, although you may need to water more often. Fill them with soil, then sow your seeds. When you transplant the seedlings, the peat pot does not need to be removed, but be sure to bury it completely.


Answer by  murphyd17 (103)

You put 1-3 seeds in peat pots (can buy small ones where dirt mix expands with water); usually you should keep covered away from hot sun for first weeks.


Answer by  Jeromy (7)

i start them buy using dark soils and some fertilizers, with a damp layer of moister on the low lining

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