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Question by  julia (24)

When someone dies, who has to pay their credit card bill?


Answer by  jennifern2213 (68)

The court keeps the person's money or assets in a trust until all debts are paid, then the rest is disbursed to the heirs or gives it to whoever the deceased person has stated in their will. So the person paying bills would be the Attorney or the Trustee.


Answer by  Cristina (339)

In the same way one inherits one's goods through a will or not, the debts go to the heirs of the deceased ones.


Answer by  Eloisa (32)

For the most part, credit cards are issued as "unsecured". This means that the card was issued by the lender without requiring any collateral. Therefore, unless you are a co-signer on the card itself, you would not be responsible for payment of the balance.


Answer by  Shadowaic14 (4)

The debts of the deceased are placed into probate, where the estate's executor follows the directions of the probate court to pay off creditors.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

When someone dies, their estate - if they had one - is held liable for the debts that they owed. The property cannot be distributed until debts are paid for by the estate.


Answer by  MDanchak (26)

Usually when someone dies in the family there spouse would take care of their credit card bill. If you where not married someone in your may have to pay off their credit card bill. You may have to also decide in court depending on which family member is willing to pay.

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