Question by  s (8)

If my husband died, am I responsible for his credit card bill?

The credit card was in his name only.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

If the debt was incurred while you were married and you live in a community property state, the debt is as much his as yours, and thus you have to pay it off. Otherwise, no. If the latter, send a death notice to them so they know not to collect.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

You will be held accountable for all debts incurred in your husband's name if he dies unless you can provide clear and concrete proof that another party should be held liable. This would be in the case of business expenses or when adultery is suspected or proven.


Answer by  ravishanker (155)

Credit cards are responsible for the particular person only. Only for loans such as housing loans and land loans you will be responsible, when your husband is died. Credit card is given for his personal use only, for his salary and his business transactions. U will not be responsible for it.


Answer by  EarlOfSandwich (177)

Yes, generally all assets and liabilities incurred during a marriage are jointly held by both partners in the relationship. However, if the Credit card was opened by the husband before the marriage, and he didn't use it to acquire any more debt after the marriage you may not be liable. Also the laws can vary between different states.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

If your name is also on the credit card, then you also responsible for the credit card debt. If you are not then his estate still is, anything he owns.


Answer by  Anonymous

I live in ND am I responsible to pay husbands credit card debt. I was not on any of these cards.


Answer by  nikhil303 (11)

if you are her wife you can justify for the money you can get money from bank and this very easy stap to get all your husband money and best of luck


Answer by  Confused (1)

My husband has a Credit Card that he had before we married and I have never used it.I found one of his statements showing me that he is still useing after he said that he wasn't.I live in N.C. If he should die, am I responsible for the Card?


Answer by  Anonymous

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