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Question by  worker13 (15)

What can they do in the state of North Carolina if I stop paying my credit card bill?

Due to the current financial state I am having issues paying my bills and would like to stop paying my credit card bills.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Your interest will skyrocket, late fees and over-the-credit-limit fees will be added to the balance. Collection efforts will begin and eventually the account will be sold to a third party collector. A judgment may be filed against you which could result in the attachment of your wages and/or bank accounts.


Answer by  worker7220 (77)

In the state of North Carolina, they can do nothing if you don't pay your credit card bill. However you credit score can be completly distryoed they longer you let the debt continue. What you should do is never let it go to collections. Call your creditor, explain you situation, and see what they can work out with you.

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