Question by  muffinx1 (232)

Are there any zero interest credit cards?

I need and think I can handle a credit card. But it would be better not to have to pay any interest. Which credit cards have the best benefits?


Answer by  JohnC (131)

There are no credit cards that offer "zero interest" if you make payments late. However, if you pay on time, all credit cards do not charge interest.


Answer by  Milee (106)

Some banks will offer credit cards that will require no fee; in fact, users will get paid a percentage of their purchases when paying with the credit card.


Answer by  Kira91 (72)

Card Benefits change often, so it would be best to check a financial site for a current comparison. Credit card make their money from interest, but some do have interest free offers for an introductory period. To never pay interest you would need a prepaid card, or to pay your balance off within the interest free period each month.


Answer by  bossman1245 (5)

one company that has zero interest credit cards is creditnet. This company offers 0% interest credit cards and also is designed for people who have troubles reducing debt.

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