Question by  rita (25)

When should kids start using deodorant?


Answer by  malone (4817)

When a child shows interest in hygiene and asks about deodorant, jump on the opportunity to establish the habit. There are several pre-teen products on the market. Talk to your pediatrician if you're unsure. Definitely suggest when the time if right if the kid doesn't first raise the issue.


Answer by  Anonymous

As soon as the sweat glands under the arms mature. This can be from age 10 to 18. If their underarms smell like adult body odor after a day of not showering or a day of sweaty play, it's time.


Answer by  Neko (13)

I think they should start, when they have had an active day at play. When they have finished and their is a slight odor under their arms, this would be a ood time to start. Also asking the child's pediatrition would be an even better choice, because then you would be prepared for that time when it comes.


Answer by  Brittney (1095)

Kids normally start using deodorant when they hit puberty. If your child sweats alot or battles with body odor then you can use a light fragrance deodorant earlier.


Answer by  Anonymous

Kids should use deorant if they play lots of sport but better not use to much!


Answer by  Oli (66)

Kids should not have to use deodorant. If your child seems to be having bad odor at an early age then it's time to take a trip to the doctors.


Answer by  mying (54)

Kids under the age of 14 must not be allowed to use deodorant. Its better not to let them know because it save lots of hard money and most important part is deodorant are very strong, it may cause skin related disease for a minor.

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