Question by  shalom (271)

When do Asian kids learn to use chopsticks?

What's the average age Asian children, in Asian cultures that use chopsticks rather than forks and knives, learn to use chopsticks. I imagine it's much later than children start to use forks in cultures that primarily use forks. Do chopstick-using countries start their young kids off with forks


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

There is no forks and knives in Asian countries. Chopsticks are a part of the culture and kids start using it as soon as they are able to pick up a utensil. Asian kids only use knives and forks when they come to the west like the United States or Canada.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

My husband is Asian and he started to use chopsticks at the age he could hold them. Age 2. If Asia they do not have knives, forks but do have something that looks like a spoon. It is made out of china and used when eating soups dishes and some noodles dishes.


Answer by  Anonymous

I'm quite sure the average is around 3-years-old. In comparison, Western kids can't even hold a pen right at the age of 5.

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