Question by  wokingdragon (56)

When should I spay my cat if she just had kittens?

My cat just had kittens and I would like to spay her.


Answer by  lamcat2000 (74)

Cat over population is a serious problem. Cats can have several litters in a year and most of the kittens will not find a home. Most feral cats end up living short, miserable lives or end up being put down in a shelter. If you don't spay or neuter your cat you are adding to this problem.


Answer by  JoeThePlumber (19)

Keep in mind the cat needs to tend to her kittens and this would be difficult for the mother immediately after surgery. You should wait at least 8 weeks.


Answer by  bchoplosky (21)

It is suggested that female cats be spayed after the kittens are weaned at five to six weeks. It is possible however for a nursing cat to become pregnant, so keep her away from male cats.


Answer by  J83 (12)

I would say its best to wait a lest 8-10 weeks befor getting her spayed. Most kittens nurse for 8 weeks or more and you should be sure that the kittens have stoped nursing befor taking the mother away. But just to be safe you might want to call a vet just to be sure.

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