Question by  sgriffrd (45)

How can I treat constipation in kittens?

I have 3 kittens and 2 of them have constipation.


Answer by  b841b (66)

In a young kitten you can gently stimulate the anus with your finger. Give small doses of liquid paraffin a feline laxative called Katalax. Also, you can rub a small amount of warm vaseline into the anus. This acts as a mild suppository.


Answer by  Mike59 (139)

One thing you might want to changethe way your kittens are fed. You might try a short bowl or feed them liquid food through an eydropper. Also you shouldn't be feeding them any kind of table scaps until they are at least six months old. Another thing that helps the ploblem if you massage the kitten's belly.


Answer by  free7831 (59)

Kittens have to be treated very carefully with anything you give them, espeacially in doses. It is not recommended to give cats or kittens whole milk, this causes diarea or constpation. It' best to give them lots of water and possibly kitten formula and food to get thier bowels moving freeley.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

If you are very careful, you can use a small syringe to give them an enema of soap and water. Be careful; do not give too much at once. If you feel unsure, take the little ones to the vet to prevent further harm in their little systems as they are fragile.


Answer by  ChristinaRamirez (481)

Make sure your kittens have fresh clean water everyday, this helps also. You can also feed them some canned cat food which will help them pass a stool. You can mix a tabklespoon of canned pumpkin into your kittens food, this acts a stool softener. I all else fails see the vet.


Answer by  Riley (765)

Very important to make sure the kittens are hydrated. If they can't lap out of a bowl then feed them fluid with an eye dropper. Goat milk can be beneficial as it is easier to digest. Don't feed kittens hard cat food or scraps until 4-5 months old. Try gently massaging the kittens tummy area. This will stimulate muscles.

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