Question by  AJ47 (23)

When it is a good idea to buy a lawn tractor?

I'm not sure that my yard justifies the expense.


Answer by  Drew73 (126)

When considering a lawn tractor versus pushmower, always consider just how much grass you have and more importantly how many hills and the size of them. If you mean to look for a deal, the best deals are on summer/spring holidays such as Memorial Day and Father's Day weekend.


Answer by  ennathur (9)

When you realize your time is valuable, its time to buy a lawn tractor. Fast, effiecent and easy to control, they cut down the amount of time you spend worrying and working on your yard.


Answer by  Duke (29)

As you grow older, the responsibilities of work and life seem to take away your time to maintain your house. That is when you need a lawn tractor to cut down the time spent on the upkeep of your yard.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

i thick everyone should have if it takes you a hour to mow your lawn it just cut the time in half and that is worth it

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