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Question by  dksister (24)

Why does my cub 1036 lawn tractor smoke on start up?

My Cub lawn tractor smoke on start up.


Answer by  MOWERMAN2000 (34)

Your mower can be smoking for a number of reasons. First check your oil level and your spark plug. Next check your air filter. If the spark plug is not properly gapped this usually causes smoking on start up.


Answer by  eholts56 (33)

The smoke might be from oil that gets past the rings into the cylinder. When you start it up after it has been sitting the oil gets burned off causing the smoke only when you start it.


Answer by  frank52 (151)

There are many different reasons why your cub 1036 lawn tractor is smoking. One cause of the smoke coming out your tractor could be that you have water in your oil. Another reason could be you dont have enough air going in your engine, take it to you local tractor machanic.


Answer by  pm (18)

Lawn tractors usually smoke when they are in need of an oil change. To get it to stop smoking change the oil. If you just changed your oil and it started smoking then you probably added too much oil. All you need to do is drain some oil out of the crankcase.


Answer by  phrueben (49)

There could be many reasons why your lawn tractor smoke on start up; one of them being that the cub 1036 lawn tractor might have an oil leak, Lawn tractors need to be service as much as cars!


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

When the engine is first started the unburned fuel and/or small amounts of oil getting past the rings while the engine is cold will appear as dark smoke.

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