Question by  dave26 (9)

When is Boss's day?

I want to show my boss how great he is.


Answer by  sarahdf (190)

Boss' day, or National Boss day, is October 16 each year. However, when the 16th falls on a weekend, Boss' day is generally is observed the working day closest to the 16th.


Answer by  turkerjf (63)

In the US it is celebrated on October 16th. When this date falls on a weekend, then Boss's Day is celebrated on the working day closest to the 16th.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Boss's Day was the 1958 brainchild of an insurance secretary named Patricia Bays Haroski. It's celebrated on October 16th. The day is often criticized as being a "Hallmark holiday," (a holiday designed by greeting card companies to sell more of their product), but ironically, Hallmark didn't issue its first Boss's Day card until 1979.


Answer by  currentres (328)

This year, Boss's day is October 16, 2010. One great way to show your boss you appreciate him or her is to get your boss a boss's day card. You could include a gift card that best suites your boss. For example, if your boss is a big coffee drinker, get him/her a gift card to the local coffee shop.


Answer by  mediamaven (579)

The celebration date for Boss's Day is October 16th each year - this special day is designed to give employees an opportunity to show appreciation to their boss.

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