Question by  Dyal (21)

When does rigor mortis start?


Answer by  JohnnyQ (85)

Rigor mortis, when the limbs of the body become stiff and difficult to move, starts three hours after a person has died. The body will continue to become stiffer until about 12 hours after death. The stiffness goes away by the third day.


Answer by  jem (20)

Rigor mortis starts within a few hours of death. It all depends on blood flow; as your blood ceases to flow it coagulates and hardens in your veins and arteries.


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

This usually starts about three hours after death has occured. But actual full and complete rigor mortis is not finished until about twelve hours after death has occured. Something else that happens is after about four days then rigot mortis completley stops from the body and it of course does not return.


Answer by  Nancy (578)

This condition usually starts about three hours after death when the muscles are no longer being supplied with blood flow. It will progress for a few days then will wane off.

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