Question by  Gus10 (10)

Can you recommend a durable sewing machine that would be good for kids to use?

My kids are 11 and 9 and want to learn.


Answer by  Colorista (25)

The Singer Promise (model number 1409) is a durable machine. It is also not very expensive and not complicated to use. I highly recommend it for beginners.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Kids that are properly supervised are fine to use a regular size and powered sewing machine. The toy machines tend to jam and discourage children.


Answer by  jrbonell (62)

Well, a sewing machine can be potentially, very, very dangerous for a kid. I can't recommend that a kid uses a machine that can put a needle trough your hand, at a rate of 200-500 stabs per minute. Better yet, teach your kids the long lost art of the manual needle sewing


Answer by  hyperkid (470)

There are a lot of sewing machines out there for children. You may want to wait and see what are available in your area. The best place is to check a fabric and crafts store to see what is available.

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