Question by  turbo (17)

What is a notable influence of Asian people on the new world?

I need to know how Asians have influenced the world today.


Answer by  msamylulu (22)

Seriously, many archealogists believe that the "new world" natives (native americans) migrated across a land bridge from Asia. If thats true, it isn't even a new world for Asians, as they emigrated here milennia ago. Other than that, I think that American ingenuity + Japanese process = quality, production


Answer by  Mable (3008)

First, Asian people have influenced our diets and choices of food: Many Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other Asian restaurants are found all over the world. They popularize many uses of the grain, rice, as well as various spices and means of cooking vegetables, meats and seafoods. Secondly, Asian people have a very strong influence on international business and commerce.


Answer by  Phil97 (569)

Asian culture is one that is not only old but also has influence the new world. When people look back, the railroad system of the United State would not have been made without Chinese workers. The United States would not have been as culturally mixed with Asian culture: imagine a world without Chinese or Japanese restaurants.


Answer by  MistyClover (8)

The most notable influence of Asian people on the new world would be on culinary sense. for example is their use of spices, herbs, cooking method.


Answer by  msamylulu (22)

There's a new world? And they said I was paranoid. I suppose that only rich people get to go to this "new world." It might not be any better than the old one though, if New Mexico, New Jersey, and New England are any indication. I'd rather be here anyway.

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