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Question by  jalisha29 (24)

What's the process to getting a talent agent?

How do I find a really good one?


Answer by  coly20032003 (78)

As far as I am concerned, in order to get a talent agent, you should assess how it works for other people and whether it could satisfy your need.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

Don't use Craigslist. You really can't be 100% sure that a talent agent is legitimate unless you have gotten recommendations from a source you trust. Try to meet other people who are in the industry and ask them who they would trust with their business.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

Look in the yellow pages of your phone book for some talent agents in your area. Do some research to verify that they are legitamate.


Answer by  AmirLUSKYsmallDICK (116)

To find a really good one look up the big name agencies and then get in touch with them. The only problem is that big agencies might only want to represent you if they really think they can make money off you. Good luck.


Answer by  Swani (125)

You need a portfolio with headshots and apply to talent agencies stating any credits you have in your desired field, such as, schooling, previous jobs, etc.


Answer by  warriorangel18 (106)

Depending on what you want to do within the agency, I would suggest building a portfolio of your work (e.g. pictures, music, reels, etc). Gain as much experience as you can and apply to agencies who won't charge you to start your desired career.

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